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September 12, 2017

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It’s been affectionately called the “idiot light,” and most fleet managers have a love-hate relationship with the service lights of the trucks in the fleet. The service light is a tool to alert you there’s a problem. However, it might be a little too late. Learning about problems while the truck is out on the road or when a minor problem has escalated to a larger, more costly one is never good for smooth operations and can cut into your trucking operation’s bottom line.

Your fleet’s service lights can signal issues like:

  • Changes in battery conditions
  • Engine Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • Exhaust Temperature which could signal leaks, clogs, fuel ignition problems or wrong gear ratios as related to the load, grade or altitude of your fleet’s route
  • And much more.

Wiers Fleet Partners can help you know what’s going on with your fleet’s overall health long before the service lights come on. A preventive maintenance plan with Wiers, the leader in trucking sales and service for over 50 years, can keep your fleet running at its best, help you manage budgets (and avoid unnecessary costs) as well as ensure complete compliance with safety regulations.

The value of a proactive maintenance can’t be discounted. Preventive maintenance inspections and scheduled services such as the ones provided by the professional and knowledgeable team at Wiers will follow the recommended intervals laid out by your truck fleet’s manufacturer. It’s important to not only, follow these guidelines but also have a digital paper trail to prevent warranty challenges from the manufacturer should they be applicable.

Wiers Fleet Partners specializes in the use of Telematics technology as a central aspect of its preventive maintenance strategy. Telematics offers many features that help your fleet operate at its safest and most optimal levels. Your partnership with Wiers will help you tap into attributes of this technology that assess and schedule the routine maintenance needs of your fleet, offer agile repair solutions when an issue arises, includes GPS tracking so you’ll know where your drivers are at all times as well as extensive digital reporting to help you analyze and track your business operations.

Never be surprised when the service lights come on or, better yet, avoid that situation altogether with the help of the experts at Wiers Fleet Partners. We’re here to help you fleet stay running at its peak performance. Let’s explore a long-lasting partnership today!


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