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Diesel technicians play a crucial role in keeping vehicles and equipment running smoothly. Technicians are extremely valuable to companies with trucks, vans, and specialized equipment because they are solely responsible for repairing, maintaining, and diagnosing issues. With the growing demand for diesel trucks, the need for skilled mechanics is also increasing. In this blog, let’s explore the growing need for technicians and the benefits of starting your career with Wiers.

There are several factors driving the growing need for diesel mechanics, including:


      1. Increasing demand for transit & lighter-duty vehicles: This growing category is being used in a wide range of companies, including home delivery trucks, utility & service trucks, and construction equipment. Additionally, lighter trucks do not require a CDL to drive these units. As the economy grows, the demand for these vehicles is also increasing. This, in turn, is driving up the need for skilled diesel mechanics who can keep things running smoothly. #TRUCKSROLL

      1. Aging diesel vehicles and equipment: Many diesel-powered vehicles and equipment have been in use for decades, and as a result, they require more frequent repairs and maintenance. This is especially true in industries like transportation and construction, where vehicles and equipment are subjected to heavy, consistent use on a daily basis. As vehicles and equipment continue to age, the need for skilled diesel mechanics to keep them in good working order is only going to increase.

      1. Technological advancements in diesel engines: Diesel engines are becoming more advanced and complex, incorporating new technologies like electronic controls and emissions reduction systems. As a result, the need for skilled diesel mechanics who can understand and repair these systems is also growing. Diesel mechanics must stay up to date with the latest advancements in the industry and be able to work with increasingly sophisticated technology.

    A career in diesel mechanics offers benefits, including:


        1. Job security & high pay: With the growing demand for diesel-powered vehicles and equipment, the need increases for skilled diesel mechanics, so there are likely to be plenty of job opportunities for those who enter the field. Diesel mechanics typically earn a higher salary than other types of mechanics. At Wiers, the median annual wage for diesel service technicians and mechanics is $66,000 plus a strong variable compensation program.

        1. Variety & challenging work: Diesel mechanics at Wiers get to work on a wide range of vehicles and equipment, which can provide variety and excitement in the job. Diesel mechanics must be able to diagnose and troubleshoot complex issues with diesel engines. This can be challenging and stimulating work that requires problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

      Wiers Technicians make trucks roll every day ensuring that our customer’s fleets keep moving. We pride ourselves on our technician’s skills and worth ethic and wouldn’t be able to run without them. Our growing network of technicians remains focused on safety, efficiency and providing solutions where and when our customers need them. Our in-shop and mobile technicians, along with our 24/7 Emergency Service and Mobile Service Programs are integral parts of how we make trucks roll. A career at Wiers offers job security, fair pay, and challenging work.

      Make sure you check out our list of open roles and see why you get more at Wiers!


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