Inexperienced Truck Drivers Won’t Get Lost (With the Help of Technology)

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January 11, 2018

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The trucking industry is facing a driver shortage and attracting new drivers into the industry is a top goal of many trucking companies. While hiring new, inexperienced truck drivers is quintessential to the growth of the industry as a whole and may be the only option for companies with few hiring options, these newbie truck drivers will face a learning curve. Getting your new, less experienced drivers up to speed can be easier with the help of Telematics technology and your partners at Wiers Fleet Partners.

Learn how Telematics can keep your inexperienced truck drivers (and the old pros) running at optimal levels. Technology can be the tool to help your business run at its best, especially when helping inexperienced truck drivers learn the ropes while still operating optimal levels and with as little downtime as possible. Telematics can provide real-time updates to your drivers of all levels of experience to help them do their jobs.

Wiers Telematics technology utilizes a small device that is installed into your fleet that can pinpoint problems and send real-time alerts regarding traffic, weather and any issues with a truck in your fleet. Telematics offers an instant diagnosis function that can allow repairs happen as quickly as possible and even prevent larger issues before they arise.

From providing real-time GPS tracking to its powerful digital reporting that can help review driver performance, Telematics can be the best tool you have to train your inexperienced drivers while keeping them and your fleet safe as well as increasing productivity during this learning curve time period.

Many new drivers believe incorrectly that it will be a challenge to land a job after completing their qualifying CDL coursework. In fact, many companies both large and small are searching for drivers that have less experience for a multitude of reasons. Trucking companies facing a labor shortage may even provide incentives such as paid CDL training for potential employees who can’t afford the costs of truck driving school.

Inexperienced truck drivers are the future of the industry and getting them past the learning curve doesn’t have to be as complicated as it once was. Telematics technology can help coach your newbie drivers through traffic challenges, reduce downtime and get them up to speed quickly. Wiers Fleet Partners specializes in helping trucking companies tap into the power of Telematics to help their businesses run at their best levels.

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