When Emergency Response is Needed Will Your Utility Fleet Be Ready?

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August 18, 2017

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Utility fleets have to deal with emergency situations on a regular basis. With a proactive utility fleet maintenance plan in place, your fleet can and will be in tip-top shape when a major emergency arises. Check out a few tips on maintaining a healthy fleet that will be ready for a power outage, a water main break or any emergency that may be thrown its way.

Utility Fleet Maintenance Strategies To Ensure You’re Ready For Anything

  • Focus On The Core Business – By outsourcing construction-related projects to third parties, utility companies have found a way to control costs and focus on the core of their businesses, in addition, to having a fleet that’s always ready when emergencies occur.
  • Defer New Vehicle Purchases – Costs of new vehicle acquisition continue to rise and, as such, utility companies are making the choice to defer the purchase of new vehicles. Developing a solid, proactive fleet maintenance plan will be critical to keeping the existing fleet in optimal condition.
  • Optimize Fleet Utilization – Utility fleet maintenance strategies for utility companies now place a strong focus on optimizing asset utilization. This, in addition to, efforts of vehicle replacement cycling and fleet downsizing can improve overall asset accountability.
  • Address Workforce Shortages – Workforce shortages due to an aging labor force are an issue that the entire transportation industry faces. Technicians that can service the utility organization’s fleet are becoming a scarce resource as they age out of their roles. Retention, recruitment and smart outsourcing efforts will help to keep the fleet ready to deploy in the event of an emergency.

By staying lean, keeping costs controlled and optimizing the use of technology, utility companies are retaining their ability to be emergency-ready when a major (or minor) event occurs. Partnering with an expert service and sales provider is another way for utility companies to stay on top of their game.

Wiers Fleet Partners has over 100 years of experience assisting utility companies with their fleet. From preventative maintenance to sales, to latest in technology, a partnership forged with Wiers is one that will surely improve the overall health of your company.

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