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January 23, 2018

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Regulations and rules are as much a part of the inner workings of the trucking industry as are fuel prices and traffic. The current situation is in a state of flux with many trucking regulations that seemed imminent, now, under a new presidential administration facing the strong possibility of being reversed.  As the trucking business decision-maker, it can be (to say the least) overwhelming to keep up with the changing landscape. The good news is you have a partner on your side in Wiers Fleet Partners. Part of the complete range of services we offer our clients is consulting them on how to comply, plan for and be ready for government regulations.

A Brief Snapshot of Current Trucking Regulations:

ELD Mandate & Hours of Service – These two separate rules go together.

As part of the HOS rules, truckers must comply with the federal rule limiting driving to no more than 11 hours a day within a 14-hour workday with a mandatory off-duty period of 10 consecutive hours.

The new ELD mandate requires that any truck driver who’s required to track Hours of Service must do so with an electronic logging device (ELD).

MC Numbers – As the URS does away with MC, FF and MX numbers, it’s anticipated that trucking businesses will need to comply with the use of only the USDOT number to identify carriers, brokers and freight forwarders. This regulation has been delayed but may reappear soon.Speed Limiters – The public comment period closed recently on a proposed rule that would require speed limiters on vehicles weighing more than 26,000 lbs. The FMCSA hasn’t suggested what the top speed on the limiters would be and the ruling is not final, however is anticipated to move forward.

Overtime Pay – New overtime rules were set to take effect but due to state backlash put the rules on hold. Current law says any salaried employee making more than $23,660 per year is exempt from overtime pay. The new rules, if implemented, would push the limit up to $47,476 per year. It also would allow for 10% of commission or bonus pay to be counted toward the employee’s total compensation, but only if paid at least quarterly.

The way to stay ahead of the game with these trucking regulations is to enlist the services of Wiers Fleet Partners and tools like Telematics. With 50+ years of experience in trucking sales, service and technology to keep your fleet not only running at its best but in full compliance with federal, state and local regulations, you’ll be in good hands!

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