Are Your Trucks At Their Optimal Fighting Weight?

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January 9, 2018

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Truck overloading is a leading cause of accidents, increased liability and costly legal proceedings. Truck overloading can cause a range of problems, including: shifting cargo, misjudged braking distances, unbalanced loads, undue wear-and-tear, lane-change hazards and maintenance issues. Not only can truck overloading lead to safety violations, fines and potential prosecution, but it also endangers your drivers and other road users, and places the future of your trucking business at risk.

Follow these simple tips to avoid truck overloading and keep your fleet safe.

  1. Make regular maintenance a priority. Truck overloading places undue pressure on the vehicle’s suspension, tires, axles, brakes, and engine, which have to work harder to sustain the added weight. Keeping your fleet running in top shape is the easiest way to avoid costly issues.
  2. Count on Wiers Fleet Partners to help you protect your investment with regular, preventative maintenance that will extend the life of your fleet, saving you time and rigorous work down the line.
  3. Know your limits. Truck overloading often prevents vehicles from passing weigh-in checkpoints. The Gross Vehicle Weight is the maximum operating weight limit for your trucks.  This includes the chassis, engine, and body (including fluids and fuel), plus the driver and cargo. Be sure to stay under the allowable weight limit, but also check that your load is distributed uniformly to avoid exceeding axle weight limits.

Insurance coverage will be void if your truck is involved in an accident while violating the weight limit. Abide by weight restrictions to avoid truck overloading and potential negligence lawsuits. Know your policy coverage limits and exclusions, and keep your documents up to date.

Inspect trucks regularly for damage, including suspension issues and tire wear. Routinely review vehicle service records for common problems, such as steering concerns or brakes that are wearing out faster than they should. Properly loaded trucks can save time and money, and properly maintained trucks can ensure the safety of your business. Wiers takes downtime seriously and understands that time off the road is costly. Wiers’ expert technicians apply their skills and follow diligent quality control for all repairs, ensuring that your fleet is back on the road quickly and safely.

Implement a preventative maintenance plan for your fleet. Keep drivers safe while on the road with regularly-scheduled fleet maintenance and service. Rely on the experience of industry experts you can trust to keep your vehicles operating safely. Wiers maintenance services can help you stay on track with alerts that notify you when service is needed. From tire rotations and repairs to fluids, filters, and complete engine maintenance, count on Wiers to keep your fleet running at optimum level.

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