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Spring Cleaning for Your Fleet Management Strategy

Amidst cleaning your home or garage, when was the last time you spent some time on housekeeping for your fleet management process? Spring offers you the perfect opportunity to do so. On your to-do list should be finding the right partner that can help you streamline processes and achieve more in the long-term. We at Wiers are here to help identify the areas in your strategy that need strengthening and refine as necessary to make managing your fleet a breeze.

We’ve identified fleet partnership principles that have been proven to lower costs, improve fleet performance, and enhance customer satisfaction for our partners. These principles are at the core of the partnerships and are centered on a long-term commitment to your teams; structuring and focusing on building longevity for both your vehicles and personnel alike. Here are a few of the main takeaways:


What this comes down to is as simple as extending the life of your assets. This means fewer breakdowns and corresponding delays and repair costs which ultimately results in a happier customer. This mindset is one that positions maintenance as an investment in the future of the fleet, with positive effects snowballing from there.


With a preventative maintenance mindset in place, the next portion of your fleet management strategy is to establish the action plan. Find a partner that can handle as much – if not all – maintenance that is required to keep your fleet operating and optimal efficiency. This includes all in-the-moment repairs that are needed but also creates a maintenance plan that addresses preventative care. Also, this takes into account everything from an engine’s idle time to the age of equipment to the operating environment.


To create such an action plan that embodies your fleet management strategy, it’s also crucial to involve the necessary means to be successful. Your drivers are your best asset when your fleet is in the field. Their involvement is the best way to streamline any maintenance and avoid unnecessary processes. We’ve found that investing in and incorporating telematics technology is key. This provides a platform in which drivers can take part in and allows for all members of your team to stay up-to-date on all vehicles in your fleet.

Just as your daily routes may change and fluctuate to accommodate new factors, so should your fleet management strategy. Get started in your spring cleaning and reevaluation by completing our free online fleet assessment.