How Technology Can Save Your Party Rental Fleet

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November 15, 2017

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On-time delivery is more important for some businesses than others. Few businesses need to ensure timeliness more than those in the party rental industry. Whether you specialize in tents, rental furniture or the whole gamut of party equipment, we surely don’t need to remind you how important it is that your party rental fleet needs to be on time 100 percent of the time!

Businesses like yours thrive on word of mouth and the strength of their reputations. In today’s online atmosphere of customers who stop by Google or Yelp to check out the reviews you’ve received online, makes the optimization of your party rental fleet more important than ever before.

The great news is while your customers utilize technology to review, rate and research your company, you can use it to keep your party rental fleet working at its best. Wiers Fleet Partners specializes in assisting trucking businesses of all kinds accomplish this with the power of Telematics.

Learn about the many ways Telematics can keep your party rental fleet on time (and your customers happy):

  • GPS Tracking – You’ll never be left wondering what took so long or where your most important party rental shipment is thanks to the features of Telematics. In addition to tracking your party rental fleet’s real-time location, this tool can also help you assess driver performance to help monitor your overall business operations.
  • Real-time Insights – Weather and traffic conditions can be unpredictable, but your customers’ party schedule is not. Your party rental fleet will always stay on top of fluctuating road conditions with the real-time updates that Telematics can provide.
  • Rapid Repair – Let’s face it breakdowns happen. (A good preventive maintenance plan can help avoid unnecessary downtime, of course!) But, when it happens the rapid repair feature of Telematics can get your party rental truck fixed and back on the road in the shortest time possible.
  • Digital Reporting – The measurement and data intelligence that Telematics provide can help you improve the customer experience as well as your business’s bottom line. Optimize your party rental business with the powerful reporting tools Telematics provides.

Wiers Fleet Partners has over five decades helping businesses that rely on a healthy and reliable truck fleet to stay operational. Our team of dedicated professionals will partner with you for sales, service and, of course, the utilization of Telematics to keep your party rental fleet working at its best!

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