The Art of Fixing Small Problems Fast!

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January 2, 2018

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When it comes to mobile truck repair, diagnosing problems and having parts readily available is critical to getting your trucks back on the road. With ongoing deadlines and hectic schedules, it’s easy to put maintenance aside “for another day.” But if your trucks are not running efficiently, the added costs of trip delays and unwanted downtime will quickly impact your bottom line.

At Wiers Fleet Partners, keeping your fleet running safely with regular service and repairs is our top priority. We know the importance of running a fleet in top shape, and we also know this can be a demanding task. Wiers’ maintenance helps keep your fleet on the road by preventing serious issues that can lead to downtime, increased liability and costly repairs.  

We all know neglecting maintenance leads to problems. Simple repairs become more extensive, leading to costly investments, loss of revenue and contracts and emergency maintenance that is often performed in out-of-the-way locations by potentially inexperienced mechanics. When you consider the added costs of neglecting service on your trucks, it’s easy to see why a properly, fine-tuned fleet is essential to running a successful trucking business.

Wiers’ mobile truck repair experts can help keep your drivers safe on the road with technical knowledge and superior processes designed to extend the life of your fleet. Mobile truck repair units are equipped with diagnostic tools to perform maintenance services, and generally contain lifts, compressors, reels and storage tanks, as well as air, lube, and welding capabilities to support a wide variety of service and repairs.

Mobile truck repair can also save you time, as our crew works around your busy schedule to perform needed maintenance and repairs during times when your trucks are off duty. This guarantees that your fleet won’t be forced off road with emergency repairs, and that you won’t have to cancel scheduled deliveries due to maintenance issues, losing potential contracts.

At the end of the day, every fleet manager wants the peace of mind that comes from knowing every piece of equipment is operating in optimal condition. Mobile truck repair and maintenance helps you do just that, ensuring efficiency and timeliness in even the tightest of delivery schedules.

When it comes to managing your fleet, mobile truck repair is an obvious choice. Count on Wiers Fleet Partners to help you stay on track with easy, hassle-free maintenance. We’re here to keep you on the road and running safely!