Military veterans key to filling technician, trucker shortage

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November 9, 2017

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LOUISVILLE, Ky – Career opportunities are growing and quality candidates are a hot commodity in today’s trucking industry across the nation. Drivers and mechanics are increasingly hard to find and keeping them on the payroll seems to be just as difficult.

As open positions in the trucking industry and a shortage of drivers continue to grow, many companies are wondering where to find qualified, long term candidates. This has companies like Wiers Fleet Partners turning to military veterans and reservists who are readily qualified and able to handle the work. Wiers is also encouraging their clients and partners to do the same.

Military personnel certified as automotive maintenance technicians, motor vehicle operator, vehicle recovery operator or crash/fire/rescue vehicle technician already posses the necessary skills and have proven their ability to stick with a career for at least four years and are dedicated individuals. These are the types of employees many companies desire to keep on staff and help grow the business while developing them into leaders.

“Veterans understand the value of serving others and the importance of great leadership,” said Drew Hettich, a veteran of the United States Army where he earned the rank of captain and designation as an infantry officer and also deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom. “Our customers benefit from our ability to execute and our staff from our ability to adapt and overcome the daily obstacles.”

Wiers, as many other companies do, faces turnover concerns daily. In the face of a steady five percent growth for heavy vehicle and mobile equipment service technicians, turnover is a battle faced by many businesses throughout the entire state and country.

“We face a daily challenge to find the top talent throughout the state for our six locations,” explained Tom Wiers, president of Wiers Fleet Partners. “While the nation is seeing some of it’s lowest unemployment rates in a long time, we know by focusing on finding the most qualified veterans, we will be able to field the best team to provide our clients the best possible  ”

With a national unemployment rate at 4.4 percent as of August 2017, it is becoming more challenging to find new, quality workers. Additionally, when companies like Wiers Fleet Partners have to find a new technician or mechanic, the costs are higher than most realize. Company executives will see increased costs in advertising, recruitment, idle assets, training fees, lost profits and more. In a transportation study, the average cost of turnover ranged between $2,243 up to a staggering $20,729 per lost qualified employee.

Additionally, adaptation to ever-changing technology is another character trait and skill companies must look for when identifying talented candidates. This is another reason companies look to veterans to fill their open vacancies. At Wiers Fleet Partners, Telematics, digital reporting, computer diagnostics and more are a part of daily routines. The ideal candidate for a technician or mechanic will need to have the knowledge and capabilities to utilize each type of new technology.

The Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard are all doing their part to prepare quality men and women who encompass all the knowledge it takes to become a quality team member of any company. Organizations like Operation: Job Ready Veterans helps make this transition for our veterans easier for those who are looking for careers with businesses like Wiers Fleet Partners.

“Veterans have embedded skills from having served in the United States military. Training in leadership, responsibility, logistics, safety, and critical thinking make veterans able to adapt to different environmental conditions seamlessly,” explains Mike Espinda, VETS Trainer and Career Coach with Operation: Job Ready Veterans. This is a nonprofit organization that assists veterans and their dependent family members with transitioning military training, experiences and skillsets into civilian terminology thus becoming “Job Ready”.

Recruiting is a highly competitive part of human resources within any industry, especially the trucking, mechanical and technical fields. People like Brent Sweeney, a recruiter at Wiers Fleet Partners and former recruiter in the U.S. Army has a leg up when looking for and finding military talent to join their ranks.

The United States Army, while recruiting new soldiers, explains what types of jobs service members will be eligible after their military service. “The skills you learn will help prepare you for a career with trucking, moving or bus companies, or with businesses that have their own delivery fleets. You’ll be able to consider a future as a tractor-trailer truck, tank truck and heavy truck or bus driver.”

Wiers added, “We are committed to hiring as many veterans as we can as we grow and have new opportunities throughout the region. They have given so much to our country, we would be blessed and honored to have them in our ranks here at Wiers Fleet Partners.”

Veterans interested in employment at one of six locations throughout the region can visit Wiers Career Page.