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January 18, 2018

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So, you’ve made the great decision to tap into the power of Telematics technology to gain insights into your business. Excellent move. You may be asking yourself a few questions:

  • How do I interpret all of this fleet data?
  • How do I determine what’s actually relevant?
  • How can I implement changes based on my fleet data insights?

Working with a partner like Wiers Fleet Partners, who understands how to use the power of Telematics and how to put it into action can help you understand your fleet data and use the insights to improve your business.

Telematics can help your trucking business manage maintenance and repairs, fuel efficiency, security, road safety, communication and navigation as well as address regulations regarding electronic logging of hours of service (HOS). In addition, Telematics can provide you with a wealth of fleet data such as:

  • Driver analytics
  • Safety analytics
  • Warranty and maintenance reports
  • Much more

It’s important to be realistic about the fleet data and reporting you retrieve. Here are a few tips to help you dig into the data you receive from Telematics:

  • Start small. If you are not a data scientist, and this is new to you, you’re not alone. Starting with the analysis of a few key metrics or business objectives will help you avoid wasting precious time on more fleet data than you can process
  • Rely on a partner. Wiers Fleet Partners specializes in assisting its clients in getting up to speed with the powerful data insights Telematics can provide. By tapping into a partnership with an industry leader like Wiers, you’ll be able to get the most of the data Telematics provides.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Yes, there are a lot of data points but many of them are irrelevant. Ask yourself how your analysis will improve your bottom line, improve driver safety or satisfaction or help your fleet run better. If it doesn’t fall into one of these categories, is it truly worth your time?

Telematics technology is quickly becoming the tool the trucking industry as a whole uses to gain fleet data and optimize their businesses. To create a level playing field in this competitive industry, exploring Telematics as a tool for your business as well as having the ability to utilize the fleet data it provides effectively will likely be key to your trucking operations’ long-term success. Wiers Fleet Partners offers a true partnership to its clients. We understand the trucking business and the tools needed to succeed in this business. We’ll help you get started with Telematics technology and provide the follow through to ensure you’re getting the most out of this powerful tool.

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