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Company Culture Above the Line: The Wiers Way

The culture of a company or organization plays an invaluable role in determining its success. At Wiers, we maintain five core values – Will Do Attitudes, Trustworthy Actions, Master Workmanship, Growing Together, and Proactive Communication – the first of which feeds into all of the others.

It’s not difficult for us to communicate the importance of having the right attitude, as many people inherently see its importance. As J. Sidlow Baxter said, “What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty as an opportunity.” So, we know that attitude has a lot to do with outcome. The question becomes, how can we make sure our attitudes will foster higher quality and fulfilling work? For us, the answer is found in being “above the line.”

What does it mean to be “above the line”?

Described in a YouTube video by The Conscious Leadership Group, living “above the line” means you are “open, curious, and committed to learning”. Living “below the line” means you are “committed to being right, defensive, or closed.” People who embody an “above the line” attitude are people who value learning above being the one who’s always right and live in a constant state of curiosity.

How does Wiers operate “above the line”?

All of this is great, but how does it influence the way Wiers operates and how can it positively impact company culture? By empowering our teams to live “above the line,” learning takes the driver’s seat and anchors our company culture. Mentorship is an important element in how we train our team members and provide opportunities for growth within the company. Even better, a strong mentorship program allows our skills-based positions to grow experienced, well trained, customer-oriented individuals. Our technician training is a prime example of this and allows us to promise our customers master workmanship as a result.

We’ve cultivated a positive environment we’re proud of and know that your organization can do the same by holding value in “above the line” attitudes. To learn more about our core values or to join a company with this kind of culture, explore our open career opportunities below.