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December 7, 2017

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It just seems obvious that brake safety is critical to your business. Obviously, it’s a safety issue for both your fleet and its cargo and, of course, your drivers. Also obvious is that failing brakes can cause accidents that can expose your trucking operations to risk and liability. Additionally, proactive brake maintenance can optimize your fleet’s time on the road or, in other words, help your bottom line. Another point worth making is that routine brake maintenance can keep the brakes working properly longer, actually saving you money.

Interestingly, however, it was estimated that during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s yearly brake safety event in 2017, 1,064 vehicles were placed out of service due to brake-related violations, an amount adding up to 14 percent of the 7,698 vehicles inspected in the U.S. and Canada. Brake safety violations, risk and added costs to your business are completely avoidable by creating a proactive, preventive maintenance plan.

Wiers Fleet Partners is your source for the best in preventive maintenance planning, with special attention to vital aspects of your fleet like brake safety. The technicians at Wiers provide the ultimate in proactive care including each of your truck’s brake safety. We treat your fleet as if it were our own, tracking performance and scheduling preventative measures that virtually eliminate downtime.

Don’t overlook these important brake safety tips to keep your fleet safe and your business running smoothly:

  • Pre-Trip Inspections: Be sure to check out your vehicle on a daily basis with a keen eye toward damage in brake components such as air chambers, pushrods, and slack adjusters are not damaged or hanging loose. As you are driving, listen for audible air system leaks.
  • Air Disc Brake Upkeep: Brake safety planning should include inspection of air discs to ensure proper running clearances between the rotor and pads.
  • Stay Lubricated: It’s important for your service team to follow your brake manufacturer’s recommendations for greasing, usually every 30,000 miles for optimal brake safety.
  • Be proactive: The “it’s not broke, don’t fix it” approach does not apply to brake safety. Small maintenance efforts done on a regular basis can prevent larger, most costly repair needs down the road. Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule can also ensure that you remain within your warranty.

During Brake Safety Week and all year, brake maintenance should be at the forefront of your trucking operations. Keeping your driver’s safe and your fleet humming along is easy with the help of the professional team at Wiers Fleet Partners.

Get started with a personalized preventive maintenance plan today.


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