How to Setup Your Airport Fleet Maintenance Checklist

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September 28, 2017

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Ensuring success of your fleet is no small challenge. Many moving parts come into play and, most likely, at the center of your operational strategy is your airport fleet maintenance plan. Your fleet’s preventive maintenance is imperative as it optimizes vehicle availability, keeps costs low and prevents costly repairs…ultimately, increasing profitability for the business.

Smart fleet managers recognize how much money can be wasted on what some might call reactive maintenance plans (as opposed to proactive airport fleet maintenance plans). Maintenance that kicks in when a breakdown or emergency occurs is disruptive to your overall business and impossible to plan for. By working with a skilled team such as Wiers Fleet Partner, preventive maintenance can be easily folded into your business plan.

Create a comprehensive airport fleet maintenance today

Your airport fleet maintenance should start with preventive planning based on fleet mileage, requirements of your vehicles and other unique criteria that can be determined with a leading service provider such as Wiers. 

The benefits of your airport fleet maintenance plan include:

  • Extending the life of your vehicles
  • Optimizing your fleet’s performance
  • Avoidance of emergency repairs which are costly and cause downtime
  • Reduction of employee frustration
  • Improved safety
  • Ability to project expenses and avoid unexpected costs

Your fleet maintenance checklist will start with planning intervals. The expert team at Wiers will work closely with you to understand the needs of your business and requirements of your fleet. Through your strong partnership with leaders in trucking service and maintenance, you’ll develop a schedule that works for your budget and your business overall.

After the timing is outlined, your airport fleet maintenance checklist will include maintenance checks such as oil changes, belt and hose inspections, routine tune-ups, brake inspections, tire safety, overall body damage including mirrors and windshields or windows, engine and electrical checks, transmission monitoring and much more. With decades of experience, the pros at Wiers understand the need to keep things running smoothly, keep costs low and prioritize safety at all times.

A critical component to your airport fleet maintenance checklist should include safety checks to seatbelts, interior mirrors and horns. In addition, Wiers will make sure you are in compliance with any safety regulations required to keep your fleet at its optimal performance. The best place to start with your airport fleet maintenance checklist is with a supportive and knowledgeable team at Wiers. We’re here to keep you running. Learn more about the many ways we can partner with your airport fleet today!