Maintenance and Repair for All Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles.

Wiers invests in optimal resources that exceed the best that dealers and independent shops have to offer. Wiers has the strong capabilities of a dealer and the savings of an independent with the proactive attention only Wiers delivers. We are changing the industry.

More than Dealers.

Dealers have solid diagnostic technology, tooling and technicians. Wiers has exceeded this standard by cultivating true diagnostic technology leadership that far surpasses others in the industry. Wiers has teams of experienced, award-winning technicians who average 36 hours a year in training, which exceeds the industry average.

More than Independents.

Independent shops usually have faster turn-around times for maintenance and repair and lower labor rates than dealers do. Wiers does the same without sacrificing on the quality of the repairs while having the superior capabilities of a dealer.

More Proactive Attention.

When Wiers gets your vehicle, we deliver an expedited initial diagnosis. Wiers will also proactively update you on the status of your vehicle. Your Fleet. Our Mission.


TECH & TOOL LEADERSHIP - Cultivating the Best in the Industry.

Wiers is constantly pulling together the latest in diagnostic software and hardware to ensure that you know exactly what is at issue with your vehicle(s). Wiers also has the latest tooling to carry-out all jobs big and small the right way.

EXPERT TECHNICIANS - Award Winning and Second to None.

Diagnostic technology and superior tooling are only as good as the technicians using them. Wiers has the award winning, expert technicians to harness our technology and tooling advantages.

EXPEDITED DIAGNOSIS - One Business Day Initial Diagnosis.

Wiers has an expedited initial diagnosis policy. From the drop-off of your vehicle(s), Wiers will give you an initial diagnosis within a 24hour business day window. How many other shops can say that?

PROACTIVE UPDATES - Daily Updates on Vehicle Status.

Do you often wonder what is going on with your vehicle(s)? Well, at Wiers, we will send you an update by email, phone or text about the status of your vehicle on a daily basis. You will never be in the dark.

QUICK TURN QUALITY - Fixed Right in No Time.

Wiers will get you in-and-out of our Service Centers and back on the road as quickly as possible while still adhering to strict quality standards. We believe a vehicle can be up and running soon without cutting corners.