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Wiers investment in Alignment Equipment Shows Commitment to Quality

Wiers investment in Alignment Equipment Shows Commitment to Quality

With a major equipment purchase, we’ve set the bar even higher.

At Wiers we’re always working to make sure we can provide our customers with the best service possible – which is why the newest and most advanced diagnostic equipment is a must. We’ve just made a major equipment acquisition that fits the bill.

We’ve added a Hunter WT474 Heavy Duty aligner at our Plymouth, Indiana location, which is a gamechanger for efficiency. Every fleet manager knows that improperly aligned wheels lead to wear, but the degree to which it really affects a vehicle can be staggering.

A rig with a 0.10” misalignment on the drive axle can rack up unnecessary tire wear over 125,000 miles that’s equivalent to dragging the tires sideways for 100 miles. An imprecise alignment solves nothing, and that’s where the WT474’s electronic sensors and computerized alignment system can work wonders.

Every day our task at Wiers is to identify the problems that trucking companies face, common or not, and find the best solutions. We’re constantly reinvesting in our ability to give you those solutions, and provide the best experience possible. This equipment purchase isn’t just hardware – it’s a symbol of our commitment to quality.