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Tips for Pet-friendly Trucking during the Dog Days of Summer

Being a long haul truck driver means spending long stretches away from your loved ones but some drivers stay close to their pets by bringing them along. As the summer gets to a boiling point, be sure to pay attention to these important tips for pet-friendly trucking during the dog days of summer!

Keep your pets safe and healthy on the road this summer!

  • Never leave your pet in a hot truck! This is, perhaps, the most important pet-friendly trucking tip. Even if you park in the shade, just a few minutes in a hot cab could cause irreversible damage or death for your pet, who is unable to control its body temperature like humans.
  • Keep an eye on the humidity! In summer months, humidity levels climb and put a strain on your pet even if the temps don’t seem that high.
  • Limit exercise on hot days! Just like humans shy away from their outdoor exercising when temps skyrocket, pets should also limit their outdoor activity during the hottest days of summer. Keep in mind that asphalt can be extremely hot on your pet’s paws, grass is a better option when possible.
  • Find creative ways to keep them cool! Keep them shaded with tarps or umbrellas. Put ice in their water or give them ice to chomp on. If they like a bath, a cool soak might be refreshing to them.

Pet-friendly trucking tips to keep in mind all year long!

  • Pack the required documents. Many states require a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), or Health Certificate, in order to bring animals across the state line. It is also a good idea to keep proof of current rabies vaccinations on hand.
  • Bring food that your pet is used to. By bringing the food that your pet is used to, you’ll avoid any digestive issues that may occur from brand-switching of food on the road.
  • Plan ahead for restrictions. Some rest areas and many restaurants won’t allow pets, but with pre-planning and pinpointing pet-friendly spots, you can make sure your pet is welcome where you stop.

Bringing your pet along is a great way to stave off the loneliness and have a more enjoyable experience.  By following a few pet-friendly trucking tips, you can help keep your pets safe, healthy and happy on the road.

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