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Mobile Maintenance & 24/7 Emergency Service

Your business is unique and so is your fleet. Time not on the road is money out of your pocket. Wiers Mobile Maintenance makes sure repairs are done when it is convenient for you and our 24/7 Emergency Services makes sure inconvenient breakdowns are resolved as quickly as possible.

Your business is unique and so is your fleet.  

You want a partner that is flexible and accommodating. A company that stands behind their promises and workmanship. When things go wrong, you need a partner that steps up instead of backs out!

Wiers understands your truck and fleet service challenges. Since 1964, we’ve been answering our customer’s needs and growing with them.

Our Mobile Maintenance platform offers you the flexibility and convenience to run your business on your schedule. Save time and money by eliminating the need to coordinate PM schedules and shuttle trucks across town. A trained Wiers technician will come to your location when your truck are idle. Increase PM compliance while lowering breakdowns and preventing larger repairs at a later time with Wiers Mobile Maintenance.

And what do you do when the unexpected happens? Call Wiers!

Wiers 24/7 Emergency Service is ready to respond when and where you need us. If your unit won’t start in the morning or if it breaks down while making deliveries, Wiers 24/7 Emergency Service will respond. 

Our units are equipped with tools and parts to handle most situations. Onboard diagnostic equipment allows us to troubleshoot check engine lights and even force regen exhaust systems.

Conveniently located Service Centers backed by Mobile Maintenance and 24/7 Emergency Service allows you to rely on one partner for your fleet service needs. Learn more at to see why Trucks Roll when you partner with Wiers!


Wiers Mobile Technicians


All service centers and dealership locations offer Mobile & 24/7 Emergency Services. Call for details.

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