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How Millennials Can Save the Trucking Industry

fleet maintenance, fleet management, truck driving, mechanicsA truck driver shortage has been plaguing the transportation industry for years. Truck driving school, Driver Solutions, reports that the industry is currently facing a shortage of 50,000 drivers and the gap is only expected to widen in years to come. The main reason for the shortage is an aging workforce. The trucking industry, for a multitude of reasons, has not attracted millennials and more baby boomer-truck drivers are reaching retirement age leaving a scarcity of resources.


The Solution to the Truck Driver Shortage Lies with Millennials

What is it about these millennials? Millennials are the demographic born between 1977 and 2000. Millennials now represent more than 25% of the American workforce and have surpassed baby boomers as the largest age group in the job market. They make up 21% of all consumer discretionary purchases and, as baby boomers continue to age, their attention is coveted by marketers and employers alike.

How can the trucking industry attract millennials? The trucking industry has not, as of yet, seen great successes in recruiting and retaining the elusive millennial but with a few targeted maneuvers, this group could be the answer to the truck driver shortage that the transportation industry faces.

How to Attract Millennials to the Trucking Industry:

  • Appeal to their sense of tech – Millennials can be found online and that’s the best place (by far) to reach them. Nearly half of all millennials have 200 or more Facebook connections and social media is the number one way they stay connected. Digital recruitment campaigns are a great way to target this tech savvy group.
  • Show them your company is diverse – Diversity is an important consideration for the millennial choosing his or her next career move. In fact, 44.2% are minorities and 38% are bilingual, making demonstrating a culture that fosters diversity imperative to attracting this young yet powerful demographic.
  • Be socially-conscious – Studies have shown that millennials place high importance on giving back. They become brand-affiliated with companies that are perceived to be socially conscious and even make career choices based on the charitable behavior of their future employers.
  • Let them flourish – Millennials are shown to love travel, adventure and place a high value on work/life balance. The role of a long haul trucker seems to fit the bill for this group looking for a less traditional career.

As the truck driver shortage continues to grow, attracting millennials into the industry becomes an imperative. With a few adjustments and targeted initiatives, the transportation industry can attract (and retain) Millennials into an exciting career which will allow them a bright future with all the elements that are important to them.

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