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Green Trucking: Benefits to the Environment & Your Bottom Line

Wiers | Trucks | Maintenance | Service | Green TruckingIt’s easy to understand when we see our trucks, buses and large commercial vehicles emit a large cloud of dark smoke from their engines, the impact that it’s likely having on the environment. Initiatives geared toward green trucking are beneficial for both the environment as well as our trucking business’s bottom line. Converting to green trucking means we can experience a cut in harmful carbon emissions while most likely, cutting operating costs significantly.

By keeping our fleet as sustainable as possible, we can do our part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The greenhouse gases that our fleet often gives off are harmful to the world around us and also burn irreplaceable fossil fuels. It’s estimated that trucking attributes to 23 percent of the global warming our Earth is experiencing. Although it’s a challenge to make large commercial diesel trucks more environmentally friendly, there are a few ways that we can reduce the chemicals they emit.

Why Do We Need To Take Action Now? According to the EPA, the transportation industry contributes to over a quarter of all greenhouse gasses emitted in the United States. By taking a few steps toward green trucking, we can make changes that will help save the environment and are in our operational best interest.

What’s on the horizon for green trucking?

Fuel Efficient Models – The EPA and the department of transportation developed a program last year to promote a new generation of cleaner, more fuel-efficient trucks that not only benefit the environment but create cost advantages for the trucking company. The standards will be rolled out through the model year 2027 and are anticipated to lower CO2 emissions by approximately 1.1 billion metric tons as well as save vehicle owners fuel costs of about $170 billion. These more efficient trucks are also anticipated to reduce oil consumption by up to two billion barrels!

Hybrids and Electric Models – Automotive manufacturers from Ford to Mercedes Benz to lesser known innovators in Japan and Europe are all working on hybrids and fully electric options for commercial vehicles. Elon Musk even teased the idea of an electric big rig in a recent interview, taking the concept of green trucking to the next level. This appears to be what the future holds.

Green trucking is not only beneficial for the environment but will benefit the expense structure of your business. So, why not get a little greener today? Customers lay their trust in Wiers Fleet Partner for all varieties of commercial truck maintenance, services and leases. For the past 100 years, our company has been meeting the demands of our clientele which has given us the reputation that we strongly hold today.

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