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What You Need to Know about Food Truck Maintenance

Wiers | Food Truck Maintenance | ServiceAs any food truck business owner will tell you, the costs are aplenty. From insurance to fluctuating food costs to food truck maintenance costs, it all adds up to an amazing business that costs a lot to operate. Many factors (like the cost of avocados) may be out of the food truck business owner’s control, but the cost of food truck maintenance is something controllable if proactively monitored.

Don’t Overlook These Tips For Food Truck Maintenance!

Daily + Weekly Checks (yes, daily!) – Getting into the habit of a set list of daily checks for your food truck can help prevent small things from becoming big disasters. Your truck is unique and will most likely have a unique checklist of things to monitor daily. By partnering with a proactive and experienced service expert, you can create a checklist that works for your food truck and business.

Longer Term Maintenance – Like any savvy business owner, you’re surely looking for ways to cuts costs every chance you can but don’t give into to the temptation to delay or take a shortcut when it comes to your food truck maintenance plan.

Baking a Maintenance-minded CultureFood truck maintenance should be a core part of your overall business operations. Train your staff to keep up on key maintenance monitoring and invest in a partnership with an expert service company who can help you prevent problems before they occur.  

The Food Truck industry has grown astronomically in recent years and with more players in the game comes lots of competition for the food truck business owner.  It’s proven to be a lucrative business to get into, but the operational costs can be high. For businesses with multiple trucks, consider adapting a telematics system from a partner like Wiers Fleet Partners. It will provide real time diagnostics and alerts for any breakdowns or accidents.

Staying on top of routine maintenance is one way to protect your bottom line. Wiers has over 100 years of experience servicing trucks of all kinds. By partnering with your business to truly understand your needs and caring for your food truck or fleet of food trucks as if it were our own, we can help make a difference in your success.

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