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The Only Fleet Winterization Checklist You’ll Need This Winter

Winter is nearing and with the dropping of the temperature comes a new list of demands on our trucks. Get a jumpstart on winter with this fleet winterization checklist from your friends and partners at Wiers Fleet Partners. We’ve got over five decades of experience in weathering cold Midwest winters here in Indiana and Kentucky! We’ve compiled this helpful list to get you ready for the cold months ahead.

Why is a good fleet winterization plan needed? Winter is hard any vehicles of all kinds. Keeping your fleet in good working order is important year-round, but can get more challenging as the temps get lower. Road conditions can become dangerous and corrosive. Fluids used in summer months react differently as temps drop and wear and tear is elevated for tires, brakes and batteries. Your proactive partners at Wiers can help you implement a fleet winterization schedule that will have you ready for anything Mother Nature throws your way!

Follow these fuel tips for winter.

  • Key components in diesel fuel can help your truck start better and run better during winter. Higher cetane ratings will help your truck start easily while winter blends will have an overall benefit to your diesel fleet in colder atmospheres.
  • Be sure to keep your tank above half-full at all times to avoid freezing.
  • Monitor your fuel filter. This is a year-round maintenance check, but it’s especially important during winter months when more condensation can take place.

Select the right oil when it’s cold.
Oil needs also change during the winter season and making the wrong choice of oil can cause harm to your engine.  A thinner oil will provide better lubrication during winter and avoid unnecessary damage to your engine.

Be prepared for anything.
Winter weather is unpredictable. Having a solid safety plan in place can keep your fleet safe as well as your drivers. Tools like Telematics can help your trucks avoid weather issues and bad road conditions that present themselves with real-time insights.

Navigate winter roads with good brakes and tires.
Monitoring your brakes and tires should be a central part of your fleet winterization plan. As roads get icy, your brakes and tires will get taxed to their maximum capabilities.

Work with a partner for preventive maintenance.

A qualified and experienced service provider, such as Wiers Fleet Partners will help you with the winterization of your fleet and get all aspects of your fleet prepared for the entire season. A simple schedule of checking batteries, fluids and belts/hoses can save your business thousands of dollars in downtime, major repairs and, in worst case, cause accidents.

Explore the many ways Wiers Fleet Partners can help you with fleet winterization (and we’ll be standing by to help on the first day of Spring too).