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Don’t Stall Your Business – Plan Ahead for New Truck Purchases!

Fleet sales trends are on the uptick. If you have plans to add a new truck to the fleet, be sure to plan ahead, so you don’t end up in a holding pattern waiting for your new acquisition to arrive. Many major trucking manufacturers have submitted second quarter U.S. and Canada earnings reports that reflect an orders increase of over 44% in the first six months of 2017 compared to the same period last year. This compounding fleet sales trend is expected to gain even more traction as the economy continues to strengthen.

Still, the jump in truck orders isn’t likely to increase heavy-duty truck production in 2018. Although the fleet sales trends and the current truck order numbers represent the strongest volume in 22 months, many are still forecasting a drop in truck production which could create a gap in the marketplace.

What that means for the trucking business owner is this: planning ahead will be mission-critical when it comes to adding assets to your fleet. Wiers Fleet Partners has over five decades of experience in helping companies just like yours manage their fleets and seamlessly add trucks to their lineup when it makes sense and without any shortage of resources.

Wiers Fleet Partners has a complete line of International Trucks ranging from severe duty to heavy duty to medium duty with many available options sure to fit your goals for your fleet. We also work closely with a vast network of truck wholesalers and can match your used truck needs to the best available vehicle.

As truck orders hit levels not seen in over a decade, it becomes vital to trucking businesses of all kinds to be proactive when planning an addition to their fleet. Staying on top of fleet sales trends as well as assistance with specifying and helping you find exactly what you need in a single purchase or an entire fleet. Wiers Fleet Partners understands your budget and always work to help you achieve the lowest possible cost of ownership. Even beyond the sale, buying with the expert team at Wiers is looking for a true partnership with you and your business. Count on us for personal service, proactive maintenance and expert-level repair.

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