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Girls in the Game: Female Truckers Are on the Rise

Wiers | Trucks | Maintenance | Service | Women TruckersThe American workforce is made up of 46.8 percent laborers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and 11.4 percent of the workforce in the trucking transportation field includes female truckers. Approximately ten years ago, an organization emerged on the scene to support the role of females in the transportation industry.  The Women In Trucking Association is a non-profit organization that encourages the employment of women in the trucking industry and supports a strong community of professional women drivers.  

Learn More About How Female Truck Drivers Are Shaping The Trucking Industry

A little history lesson on Female Truckers – Luella Bates is considered to be the first of America’s female truck drivers. In the 1920’s, Bates became the first woman to get a driver’s license in the state of New York. The amount of women in transportation historically increased with the onset of WWII. As the men went to war, women provided support as mechanics and drivers, only to relinquish their roles when the troops came home.

Not just drivers – Female truck drivers are not the only role being taken on by women in the transportation industry. Women are taking on roles as technicians, fleet managers and starting their own trucking businesses.

Specific challenges facing the fairer sex – Female truckers face a unique set of challenges that may or may not apply to their male counterparts; from safety concerns facing a woman on the road alone, to family responsibilities, existing obstacles preventing women from getting into or staying in this line of work. Female truckers, due to physical attributes, may require special accommodation to operate a big rig. Many companies are now implementing programs to accommodate a woman with a smaller stature than her male counterpart.

As the trucking labor shortage continues, it is imperative that all possible labor sources are tapped, and it makes sense to work on attracting more female truckers into the transportation industry. The perceptions that, “this is a man’s job,” are dissipating and opportunities abound for women in the transportation.

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