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A Computer for Every Technician Means Faster, Smarter Work

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November 10, 2016

A Computer for Every Technician Means Faster, Smarter Work

We’ve put a computer in the hands of every Wiers technician. Here’s what that means to you.

Wiers technicians are experts, but even the best can’t do their jobs if they don’t have the proper tools. Unfortunately that’s an epidemic in the trucking service and maintenance industry – but here at Wiers, we’re working on a solution.

We’ve just made a major hardware purchase of 80 laptop computers, meaning that going forward each and every diesel tech on our team will have their own laptop. Why’s that important? Generally in this industry, technicians have to share a workstation. They can’t take work home if they want or need to, and they might have to delay getting a problem solved when someone else is working.

With these laptops, we’re putting ourselves on the leading edge. Every Wiers technician has access to the truck manuals they need to guide their work, and the diagnostics to know what’s really going on. That means the amazing work you’ve come to expect from Wiers will only get more precise, smarter, and faster.

These new computers will be in action in the fourth quarter of 2016. Our techs are excited. You should be, too.