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Precious Cargo: How This Bus Maintenance Checklist Can Keep Our Kids Safe

In few trucking industries is the cargo more precious than that of the school bus fleet. Preventive bus maintenance for your trucking business is more than just business, it’s keeping our youngest family members safe while they go to and from school each day.

Wiers Fleet Partners takes each and every customer’s goals seriously but, with over five decades of experience, you can rest assured that we will be keenly focused on safety when assisting you with your bus maintenance plan. We’ve compiled a short checklist for you to consider for your bus maintenance and when you’re ready, contact us for all the assistance you need to keep your school bus fleet running at its best and that precious cargo safe and sound.

A few Things to Consider When Creating a Bus Maintenance Checklist:

  • Interior Inspection – Setting a proactive, preventive maintenance plan will help ensure the safety of the students you transport, and it starts in the interior. Routine checks of seat belts, door and window conditions, mirrors, interior lighting, heating and A/C and more are all key to creating a safe transportation experience for students en route to school.  
  • Exterior Inspection – Your bus maintenance plan should also include a routine check of the exterior including checks for dents, rust, tires – tread wear, wheel lugs, hubcaps, valve cores, engine covers, latch operation, etc.
  • Service and Operation Inspection – Proactive checks of your bus fleet’s engine oil, filters,  ball joints, steering battery, water levels, cooling systems, hoses, brakes, transmission fluid level and more are key to safe operations.
  • Partnership with Professional Technicians The benefits of being proactive are nearly endless. Wiers Fleet Partners gets to know your business and its unique needs, so we are thinking about your future not just today’s job. Our goal is always to keep you running safe and while optimizing the life of your fleet. We offer a complete range of maintenance services such as tracking alerts when maintenance is needed, industry-leading Diesel particulate filter cleaning technology, truck and trailer alignment and much more!

At the center of an effective fleet management program, preventive maintenance minimizes breakdowns, downtime, capital costs and inconvenience. Your fleet of school buses requires continuous attention to ensure students are always safe and getting to school on-time. Wiers Fleet Partners offers decades of experience and proactive maintenance to help you focus on your precious cargo. Get started today.